Friday, 31 October 2014

Quick review - Silent Witness

Silent Witness  [A Dylan Scott Mystery]  by Shirley Wells

In Lancashire, England, Ex cop turned private investigator Dylan Scott is hired by the parents of a man they claim is unjustly serving a life sentence for murder. Once unjustly jailed himself, Scott is determined to find the truth and free the man, if indeed he is innocent.

And Aleksander Kaminski claims he's innocent, despite strong evidence that places him at the scene of his ex-wife's murder. Kaminski's second wife Sue supports the claims of her incarcerated husband, despite knowing he was still involved with his ex.

Scott's investigation turns up several suspects, and he diligently follows each lead. He discovers a complicated web of secrets, passions, self-delusions, and deceit that he must unravel to help the imprisoned man.

Interspersed with Scott's detective work is his sometimes strained relationship with his wife Bev, who has just had their second child and is suffering from postpartum depression. This is an honest and natural depiction of a husband and wife who love but often don't understand each other.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, apparently third in the series. Scott is a great character, likable, human, caring. The other characters are also well developed and given their chance to tell the story in their own unique points of view.

Great twist at the end – one I didn't see coming.

Conclusion: I read this book quickly – could not put it down for long, and found myself often thinking about it. I wanted Scott to solve it and set Kaminski free. I wanted Bev to bond with her baby, and all to be happy. Wonderful writing by Shirley Wells. I want to read more of her work, more about Dylan Scott.