Friday, 17 August 2007

Already a revision ...

The muse has spoken. I've revised the beginning of chapter one.

I admit it had been rather dull, not much of a grabber. I don't know if this is much better, but I feel it's stronger. Still not an immediate plunge into the story, but a brief paragraph about the hero, enough to reveal something about him and pique interest.

The "plunge" occurs two paragraphs later.

This is just the start of the revision process, of course. There will be a thousand more.

--Cat (hoping to make it to chapter four)

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Time Passes

I've started chapter three of HB.

I thought I could just barrel through and write a rough first draft then edit later, but I can no longer work that way. Now I need to tinker with what I've written until it's (to my eye) polished.

I know I'll still edit again when all is done, for only then will I be able to see the shape of the novel, if it all works.

One interesting thing that came out of this -- I discovered a new character in chapter two. He's minor, doesn't have a lot of page time, but he'll make a splash on paper.

When I have these chapters whipped into best shape I'll post a few short excerpts.