Saturday, 4 August 2012

Quick review - Seaweed on the Rocks

Silas Seaweed, of the Coast Salish tribe, is a tough street cop in Victoria, BC. His investigation into the overdose death of a young native woman takes him from the mean streets of the city to the lofty mansions of the wealthy.

He works this way along gritty sidewalks where he knows most of the habitués, and pieces together a lucrative con that uses bits of native mythology to prey on the superstitions of wealthy people.

Silas untangles the web of deceit, solves a murder, and keeps the peace in his own way, all the while staying true to his rich heritage and the ways of his people.

The fourth of the series, Seaweed on the Rocks is a refreshingly different police story, with well-defined characters, and a unique lead.

Conclusion: an enjoyable mystery, made all the more fascinating by the interweaving of first Nations lore and customs.

-- Cat

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